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Screen Fatigue

Most parents instinctively feel that too much time plunked in front of a screen is not good for their kids. Is there really cause for parental concern?


Protect Your Baby from the Sun

With warm, sunny days comes the threat of sunburn. No one is more susceptible to the sun’s burning rays than your baby. His skin is extra sensitive and so you must take care that he is safe.


Run-Away Toddlers
Your toddler may never stop. He’s constantly on the go, getting into this, reaching for that, exploring something else. This is good! Children need to move a lot and parents should make sure their youngsters have ample opportunity to stretch their muscles.


Dreaded Sugar! How Much is Too Much?
Our kids are bombarded with sugary foods every day and it's the parents' job to make sure they make the right choices. Start limiting sugar when they are babies and toddlers.


Bundle Up the Kids!

Make sure your kids are protected against the cold when they play outside. Layering helps, as does making sure they don't get overheated and consequently too cold.


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