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Mighty Mulch
A thick layer of biodegradable mulch improves the garden by holding in moisture and reducing weeds. It also improves the soil and makes the garden more attractive. Every gardener should take mulching seriously.


Take Good Care of Your Skin

Every woman knows that her skin is affected by what she eats and drinks, how much sleep and exercise she gets, her stress levels, and her genes. Or does she?


To Mulch in the Autumn
All gardens benefit from mulch. Chances are you mulched in the spring, but it's time to do so again to get the garden ready to face the cooler months to come.


Indulgent Summer Skin Care
With all its fun in the sun, summer can be tough on your skin. It’s a good time to indulge in luxurious, gloriously scented, stress-reducing products. They just make the summertime more relaxing and pleasurable.


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