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Make a Summer Scrapbook
Document summertime fun in a homemade scrapbook. Kids love to make the books and to paste mementos in them as the warm, fun-filled days progress. These scrapbooks are great for postcards, ticket stubs, tourist brochures, camp photos, and other items th


Thanks for the Memories
A scrapbook can be a huge, over-filled volume dedicated to the rough-and-tumble life of your growing family. Or it may be a small book focusing on a single event. It's important to remember that it differs from a photo album in that photographs often are secondary. What is important is the focus of the book and the personal touches your kids give it.


Organizing Your Photographs
Organizing your family photographs may seem like an overwhelming task but it is one that will lead you down memory lane in the best way. We all have dozens stored on hard drives, and even older ones in boxes or bags that would do best in albums. 


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