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Cheddar-Swiss Strata
Large cubes of Italian or French bread are soaked in a cheesy custard and baked until hot and puffy for a brunch or casual supper dish.


Tempting Tetrazzini Casserole
You've just got to try this unbelievably tasty way to use up leftover turkey or chicken.  This creamy casserole is easy to make and absolutely delicious!


Ham and Cheese Hash Browns
Frozen hash browns and a can of Cheddar cheese soup help to make this flavorful dish easy and delicious! This is a great way to use up leftover ham.


Taco Chicken Casserole
Crunchy tortilla chips are layered with cooked chicken, creamy corn, spicy picante sauce and shredded cheese, to make a kicked up casserole that the whole family will enjoy.


Chicken & Tortellini Stew
Perfect for a chilly day, this flavorful chicken and tortellini stew is hearty without being heavy...and it tastes great too!


Sensational Spinach Salad
You order it at restaurants, why not make it at home?  You'll find that our version, loaded with mushrooms, eggs, bacon bits and croutons, is every bit as good.


Pork & Beans Over Rice
Top hot cooked rice with prepared pork and beans that are easily dressed up with ham, barbecue sauce, mustard and brown sugar.


Picante Beef & Beans
This hearty stovetop dish features beef sirloin, 2 kinds of beans and a burst of flavor from picante sauce and chili powder.  Plus, it's ready to serve in just 35 minutes.


Picante Onion Soup
Classic, cheese-topped onion soup gets punched up by tomato juice, picante sauce and garlic. Plus, it's ready in just 40 minutes.


Souper Beef & Pasta Chili
Chock-full of favorite ingredients like corn, beans and macaroni, this kid-pleasing chili comes together in no time. Make a double-batch...the leftovers are superb!


Quick Spinach Salad
Just 20 minutes and 5 ingredients is all you need to make this tasty spinach salad that rivals any salad from a restaurant.


Quick and Easy Creamy Chicken & Vegetables
Wondering what to do with leftover chicken?  Try this delectable casserole that combines the chicken, veggies and a creamy mushroom sauce, topped with fresh biscuits.  It's ready in just 30 minutes!


Cool, Cool Gazpacho
Vegetable juice adds a burst of great flavor to this zesty gazpacho, bursting with diced fresh vegetables.  It's a refreshing dish for a hot summer's day...but it's so easy to make, you can enjoy it any time.


Goldfish Casserole
What fun!  This sassy, microwave version of a tuna, rice and veggie casserole features a crunchy topping of fish-shaped Cheddar crackers. 


Cabbage Soup
Pork loin, onion, bay leaf and sherry are just some of the ingredients that help to transform cabbage into this hearty and flavorful soup that is ready to serve in less than one hour.


This deliciously different side dish features sweet potatoes, carrots and dried fruit, baked until tender and topped with melted marshmallows.  Better make's sure to disappear quickly!


Shrimp & Ham Jambalaya
This classic New Orleans recipe, featuring shrimp, ham, tomatoes, vegetables and savory rice will make for a pleasing dinner that's on the table in just an hour!


Toasted Corn & Sage Harvest Risotto
This dish has comfort written all over it...creamy risotto packed with peppers, corn and sage, that doesn't require constant stirring.  It's easy to make and even easier to eat.  


Root Vegetable Gratin
Watch how forgotten vegetables like winter squash, celeriac and leeks, become family favorites when they're layered with potatoes and baked to perfection in a delicious cream sauce.


Kabocha Squash Soup with Crispy Bacon
If you love butternut squash soup, you should love this creamy soup made with sweet Kabocha squash, onions and bacon.  It's different and delicious!


Black Bean, Corn and Turkey Chili
Ready in less than an hour, this satisfying twist on traditional chili tastes like it's been simmering all day!


Savory Mushroom Bread Pudding
Here's a delectable, meat-free dish that's perfect for brunches, buffets or as a side for your main course.  It's made with whole grain bread, a creamy mushroom sauce and lots of Swiss cheese.


Ginger Miso Soup with Shredded Chicken & Green Onions
Miso is a soy bean paste available in the ethnic section of the grocery stores.  Combined with chicken broth, chicken and nori (sea weed), it brings authenticity to this quick-cooking soup.


Slow Cooker Simple Beef Bourguignonne
Pieces of beef top round get fork-tender when they're slow cooked together with red wine, golden mushroom soup and vegetables to make this savory and delicious stew.


Southwest White Chicken Chili
Got 30 minutes and a craving for good chili?  Then get out your saucepan, because this chicken chili really satisfies.


Bow Ties in Beef Blush Sauce
Great for busy weeknights, this pasta dish has it all....lots of ground beef, garlic, and a creamy sauce with a kick of's delicious!


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