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Chili & Rice
It takes less than an hour to make this family-favorite beef chili that packs a whole lot of flavor in every bite.


Chili Mac
What could be better than combining two favorites, chili and mac 'n' cheese?  This skillet dish is ready in just 45 minutes and it's sure to please!


Chicken with a Twist
Cheddar cheese soup and picante sauce make a convenient, flavorful sauce that coats corkscrew pasta. Add cooked chicken or turkey--and it's a hearty quick-fix meal that fits right into your busy schedule.


Skillet Chicken & Rice
You'll need less than 45 minutes, some chicken broth, rice, and your family’s favorite frozen vegetable combination, to make a delectable one-skillet meal.


Country Chicken Soup
Delicious, homemade soups like this chicken, vegetable and rice recipe are surprisingly quick and easy when you use convenient products like flavorful chicken broth and tender canned chicken.


Beef Teriyaki
This classic stir-fry is your go-to recipe when you want something flavorful, filling and fresh. It features beef strips and tender-crisp broccoli in a soy and garlic-flavored sauce...what a great way to get them to eat their vegetables!


Cheesy Picante Mac & Beef
This one-pot supper sports big flavors. Sautéed ground beef is stirred into shell pasta with a cheesy picante sauce to make a robust family dinner.


Chicken Broccoli Divan
Chicken, broccoli and cheese make a winning combination in this mouthwatering casserole that's on the table in just 30 minutes.


Ginger-Beef Stir-Fry
Ready, set, stir-fry!  No wok is required to make this simple skillet stir-fry that gets color and flavor from lots of veggies.


Beef Stir-Fry
Got a few minutes?  Get out your skillet and make this delicious stir-fry that combines sirloin steak and fresh vegetables in an exquisite Asian-inspired sauce.


Easy Chicken Stroganoff
This one-skillet chicken dish features a creamy mushroom sauce and a whole lot of flavor.  It's comfort food that's ready to serve in just 45 minutes.


Easy Beefy Beans & Rice
Canned pork and beans help make this delicious skillet dish super-easy and super tasty!


Mediterranean Bean and Sausage Soup
Here's a great way to warm up on a cold day.  Whip up a bowl of this delicious soup that's made hearty with sweet Italian sausage and three kinds of beans.


Salsa Chicken Soup
If you're in a hurry, but want a delicious homemade soup, this is the recipe for you.  It blends beans, salsa, chicken and broth to make a cozy and enjoyable soup.


Chicken Stew
On hand ingredients like chicken broth, pork and beans, cooked chicken and a few fresh vegetables combine to make a satisfying, delicious and quick-cooking stew.  


Southwest Chicken & Pasta
Colorful and full of flavor, this one-pot supper features broccoli, green pepper, chunks of chicken and corkscrew pasta simmered in a creamy sauce spiked with Pace® Picante. Fast, easy and satisfying, this dish is sure to become a favorite.


Quick Creamy Chicken & Noodles
Cream of chicken and mushroom soups combines with chicken, noodles and Parmesan cheese to make a delicious, family-friendly dinner in just 25 minutes.


Santa Fe Chicken & Stuffing
Stuffing lovers will rejoice when you serve this delicious casserole that combines chicken, green chiles, corn and cornbread stuffing.  Salsa and shredded cheese are added at the end to make this dish irresistible.


Lightened Up Beef & Broccoli
Using prepared, fat-free beef gravy helps to lighten up this tempting stir-fry, without sacrificing any of the great flavor.  Give it a one will realize it's been lightened up.


Turkey, Stuffing and Vegetable Skillet
This quick skillet dish is like Thanksgiving dinner in just 30 minutes.  What a treat!


Fiesta Chicken and Rice
This savory skillet dish makes great weeknight comfort features full-bodied flavor kicked up with picante sauce and sliced green onions.


Black and White Bean Salad
Vegetable juice is the secret ingredient in this easy-to-make bean salad featuring an assortment of canned beans, chopped peppers, onion and garlic.


Turkey Pasta Primavera
Breathe new life into leftover turkey with this quick-cooking pasta dish that's simply delicious!


Thick & Hearty Two-Bean Chili
Refried beans and kidney beans come together with ground beef and picante sauce to make this satisfying chili in less than one hour.


Zesty Pasta with Sausage
What's for dinner?  Grab your skillet and make this flavorful pasta dish, studded with sausage and olives and topped with Parmesan cheese.


Hearty Chicken and Sausage Soup
All your favorite ingredients, pasta, sausage, chicken and veggies, come together to make this absolutely delicious soup.  It's a special, cold-weather treat!


Quick Turkey Stir-Fry
Here's a tasty use for leftover turkey...this quick and easy stir-fry is seasoned with ginger and soy sauce, and on the table in a snap!


Parmesan Chicken Pasta Salad
It only takes a few minutes to whip up this delightful salad of pasta, chicken, mushrooms, peas and cherry tomatoes in a creamy dressing.  Chill it for a few hours and it's ready to serve.


Tuna & Pasta Cheddar Melt
This quick-cooking skillet dish delivers comfort food fast.  It's ready in less than 30 minutes and features tuna, pasta and melted cheese, with a bread crumb topping that can't be beat.


Broccoli Chicken Potato Parmesan
Broccoli florets, sliced potatoes and chicken strips simmer with garlic in a cheesy sauce. This savory skillet supper is garnished with Parmesan cheese.


Chicken Salad Casserole
Many of the good ingredients we love about chicken salad are well represented in this unique, easy-to-make casserole.


Slow Cooker Chicken Tortilla Soup
This soul-satisfying soup is the perfect remedy for cold weather.  Simply put the ingredients in the slow cooker, and when you come in from the cold, this warm and wonderful soup is waiting for you.


Ham and Rice Bake
Meat, rice and veggies all in one's a busy mom's dream, but the kids will love it too!


Beef & Tomato Casserole
Cream of mushroom soup is the secret ingredient in this scrumptious, family-favorite casserole that's on the table in no time.


Pasta with Asparagus
This flavorful one pan pasta dish is ready in just 25 minutes...if you want good food fast, this dish is for you.


Slow-Cooked Ratatouille with Penne
You won't miss the meat at all in this fabulous veggie and pasta dish that slow-cooks for hours so that the flavors really develop.  You'll see how the zucchini, eggplant and peppers combine to make a mouthwatering pasta topper.


Turkey Broccoli Divan
Our quick and easy recipe, featuring turkey, broccoli and just the right amount of Cheddar cheese makes for a divine Turkey Divan.


Creamy Vegetable Penne
Using frozen veggies and cream of mushroom soup ensure that this flavorful dish is as easy as it is good!


Pasta e Fajioli
This traditional favorite is ready in only 45 minutes with lots of homemade taste from fresh vegetables, pasta and white kidney beans.


Chicken & Broccoli Alfredo
In just 30 minutes, you can serve this delectable dish, with a rich, satiny Alfredo sauce that coats chicken, broccoli and pasta.


Creamy Chicken Noodle Soup
It' so easy to make this hearty soup, packed with chicken, noodles and veggies when you start with canned cream of chicken soup. This last-minute dish will be on the table in less than 30 minutes!


Simply Delicious Vegetable Soup
A good bowl of soup just makes you feel better, and since this flavorful vegetable soup uses on-hand ingredients and comes together so quickly, you can enjoy a good bowl of soup whenever you'd like.


Italian Herb Chicken with Penne Pasta
Sun-dried tomatoes, spinach, mushrooms and garlic add fabulous flavor and texture to this hearty chicken and pasta dish, that's ready in less than 45 minutes.


Cool Chicken & Pasta Salad
Here's an easy to make pasta salad that blends chunk chicken with macaroni, prepared Italian dressing, and colorful vegetables to make a super side dish for most any occasion.


Quick Skillet Chicken & Macaroni Parmesan
This family-friendly, one-skillet dish is so easy and delicious, it's sure to become one of your "go-to" recipes. Using canned chicken and prepared pasta sauce ensure that it's on the table in a jiffy.


Layered Pasta, Veggie & Cheese Skillet
All the great tastes of your favorite baked spinach lasagna come together quickly in this mouthwatering skillet dish.  Start to finish, it only takes 30 minutes!


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