Five Easy Ways to Organize Your Kitchen

Get rid of clutter and enjoy cooking again!

By FamilyTime


Do you feel as though you and your family exist on far too many take-out meals? Not only are delivery pizzas and take-out Chinese or tacos tiring after a while, they make a significant dent in our pocketbooks. It's no wonder increasing numbers of families are relying more than ever on home-cooked meals. This is good news for our wallets, our waistlines, our health, our tastebuds...and our kitchens.

Our kitchens?!

Yes! Finally, that room with the fancy appliances will be put to good use as we find ourselves cooking at home. And everyone will just love these home-cooked meals, right?

Not if the cook isn't happy.

If your kitchen is cluttered and disorganized, you may not feel much like cooking, and since your kids can’t live on cold cereal alone, it's a good idea to whip the space into shape!

Here are five ideas for getting the kitchen ready for the great family meals to come!

  1. Clean out the refrigerator, freezer, and pantry: Obviously it makes good sense to chuck half-rotted food living in the refrigerator. It’s just as vital to get rid of meat and vegetables taking up room in the freezer but suffering from freezer burn and coated with ice crystals. Ditto for ancient sacks of dried beans, dusty spices and herbs, boxes of crackers, and packets of gravy mix sitting in the pantry.
  2. Declutter the countertops: If you have piles of magazines, catalogs, and newspapers on the counter, transfer them to the recycling bin. If appliances such as toasters, standing mixers, slow cookers, coffee pots, and blenders take up most of your counter space, consider moving them elsewhere.

    You may decide that the coffee pot and toaster belong on the counter, but you should be able to find a place to stow the slow cooker and blender. The more you get off the counter, the more room for cooking.

  3. Toss or donate anything you can: Be ruthless when you go through drawers and cupboards. Do you really need all the tools and gadgets you have? Ask yourself how often you use them? Do they really make life easier? Can you get along without them? Do you have duplicates?
  4. Organize utensils and other equipment: Store spoons, spatulas, and whisks for cooking near the stove. Put those you use the most in containers on the counter. Put glassware and plates in cupboards and drawers near the dishwasher. Put baking pans together. Toss storage containers without lids. You get the idea.
  5. Think vertically: Hang pots and pans if you have room for a pot hanger. Affix hooks and small towel bars for kitchen towels, potholders, and aprons. Stack pantry items in transparent bins, organizing them so that like items are together.

The more you get rid of items you don’t use and make those you do accessible, the easier it will be to cook nourishing, delicious meals for your family. Welcome back to the kitchen! It’s a very nice place to spend time.