Eight Ways to Master the Master Bedroom

Turn your bedroom into a peaceful space.

By FamilyTime

 When kids are small, they spend about as much time as we do in the master bedroom. We are apt to wake up with a little one curled beside us, or a toy wedged beneath our back. It’s a minor miracle if we get the bed made, much less worry about matching curtains and shams!

But, as the children grow, many parents start to see the master bedroom as a refuge. It becomes a room that displays our personality without screaming it.

How do we transition from the days of sticky fingers smearing the bedside table to a time when the bedroom offers sweet repose?
  1. Paint the walls. Choose soothing colors, such as beiges, blues or soft greens. If you decide to wallpaper instead, select a simple pattern with relaxing colors. Buy a new rug. Your rug might be in good shape, but if there are one too many orange-juice stains or set-in granules of Play-Doh, think about buying a new, all-wool rug with a thick nap. It can be wall-to-wall or not, but should feel good on your bare feet.
  2. Sand the wood floor. If your bedroom has a nice wood floor, sand and buff it. It may look so good you might decide on a few small rugs instead of one large one. Be sure to put non-slip pads under them.
  3. Think about the windows. If street lights or morning sun is a problem, cover the windows with thick shades or blinds. If the windows are suitable for drapes, consider some that can be drawn to block light and sound. You might prefer lighter curtains that move with the breeze and tend to be calming.
  4. Rearrange the furniture. Look at the placement of the bed. It might be perfect, but you might be surprised how much of a difference moving it makes. If there is room, bring in an easy chair or chaise longue. Consider placing a padded bench or low chest at the end of the bed.
  5. Refresh the bed linens. New sheets and a new bedspread do wonders for a bedroom. Look for a spread with matching shams and a long bolster. Scatter a few accent pillows on the bed, too, for added flourish.
  6. Dim the lights. While you want to make sure the bedside lamps are a strong enough for reading, the other lights in the room should be restful. This might mean reducing wattage or installing wall sconces and getting rid of any overhead lights.
  7. Declutter surfaces. Clean out the bookcases and clear off the tops of bureaus and tables. Try to keep clutter to a minimum. The bedroom will be more tranquil for it.
Redecorating the master bedroom is a trip that can be taken in short spurts or all at once. And it’s one that never really ends.

Your kids may be old enough not to spill on the new rug or run a crayon over the fresh paint, but it won’t be long before a gangling teenager flops on the bed for a quick conversation or an afternoon nap!