When You Have Overnight Guests

Prepare for your guests and plan to enjoy them!

By FamilyTime

 One of the best things about the holidays is that many of us can expect houseguests. What fun to welcome old friends, family members or even distant relations from abroad!

While it’s a pleasure to open your home, it’s also a little stressful. Here are some time-proven tricks for entertaining with style.

Cleaning Up
While there's no need to clean your house from top-to-bottom, your guests will feel welcome if the house is neat, tidy, and smelling fresh and clean. More importantly, you will feel better about welcoming them!

Clutter-free rooms are more relaxing than others. Clear space for visiting in the living room and family room. Make sure there's an obvious place to sit down and talk.

Organize your guests sleeping quarters so that they have space to put their suitcase, hang their clothes, and put a book, glasses, and tissues. Make the beds with fresh linens.

Make sure there is adequate light in the guest room. Put a reading lamp next to the bed. Wash streaky windows and, if you can, install curtains or blinds so that the morning sun doesn’t wake them before they are ready.

Clean the bathroom your guests will use. Put out fresh towels and make sure there is soap. An extra roll of toilet paper is a good idea. An especially nice touch is a stack of freshly laundered towels on the bed with a new bar of scented soap on top.

If it's not too cold or stormy, open windows to air out the house, light some scented candles if it's musty or damp, and arrange fragrant flowers. Your home will say "welcome!"

Special Touches
To go an extra mile, put a small bouquet of flowers in the guest room, a water decanter and glass, and two or three good books on the nightstand.

Other nice touches are extra pillows, an extra blanket, and a few extra towels. This way, your guests will never feel they are troubling you if they need any of these.

Have some fun with the bathroom: fill a pretty basket with small bottles of shampoo and conditioner (you probably have some extras from hotels!), body lotion, deodorant, Q-tips, toothbrush, and toothpaste. Fresh flowers and a scented candle are nice touch.

Your guests will feel welcome and relaxed and you will be happy you took the extra care to pamper your friends.