Time for a Picnic!

Pack up the picnic basket and head for the park, the beach, or the lake!

By FamilyTime


Everyone loves a picnic and summertime is the ideal time for enjoying them. Get your summer off to a good start with a spectacular outdoor feast!

Plan to do more then eat on your picnic. Bring along a few Frisbees, a whiffle ball and bat, or a badminton set. Picnic food tastes even better when appetites are whetted with physical activity.

Get the Right Equipment
As is true with nearly everything, the right gear makes all the difference. Invest in a cooler large enough to carry all the food, or buy two smaller coolers if they are easier to carry.

Buy enough blocks of blue ice or similar coolant to keep the coolers cold.

Make sure you have thermoses large enough for plenty of iced tea or lemonade.

Look for rigid plastic containers that are designed to hold the kind of food you like. Some are better for sandwiches, others for deviled eggs, while others are configured for cookies or crackers.

If you go on a number of picnics, it's a good idea to invest in inexpensive cutlery rather than relying on disposable plastic forks and knifes. Ditto for reusable plastic plates and cups.

Buy a washable tablecloth, easy-to-pack lawn chairs, and a blanket to spread on the ground.

Don't forget about serving utensils, sharp knifes, matches, bottle openers, and corkscrews.

Bring candles or battery-operated lanterns if you plan to linger into the evening at the picnic ground.

Always Ready
Veteran picnickers keep their supplies in one place. They wash and dry all cups, plates, cutlery, and other reusable items and store them in a basket or box. They replenish paper goods as needed.

This way, when the weather beckons or a long weekend sneaks up on you, you're ready. All you have to do is prepare the food.

Picnic Food
Picnic fare ranges from sandwiches and cold salads to cold fried chicken. If you like to grill, it can also be hamburgers, hot dogs, or grilled steak.

Everyone appreciates chips and dips, sliced raw vegetables, hard-cooked eggs, pickles, olives, and cheese for slicing. Cookies and brownies are great for dessert. Fresh fruit is wonderfully portable - and don't forget a watermelon. Nothing tastes better on a hot summer day.