Plan a Christmas Cookie Decorating Party!

Great fun for everyone -- particularly the little pastry chefs!

By FamilyTime


At this time of year, nothing could be more fun than a cookie decorating party!

Kids love the idea, and cookie decorating allows their burgeoning imaginations to run wild. Who said trees had to be green? Or stars yellow? Encourage them to have fun, fun, fun!

Make Plans Ahead of Time

This is an easy party to give but one that requires advance planning.

Invite only the number of children your kitchen space will comfortably allow; consider asking a few parents to help out; ask each child to bring either an apron or an old T-shirt to protect their clothing.

If the kids are old enough to bake, they can roll, cut and bake their own cookies (from storebought rolls of cookie dough). If not, or if you want to avoid this, cut and bake scores of cookies yourself ahead of time.

Get Set To Decorate

Cover work surfaces with plastic table cloths if you want to protect them. Countertops don't need to be covered. 

Set out sprinkles and other decorations in clear dishes. Make sure you have plenty of these. They are bound to be spilled even as they are used with great enthusiasm 

Mix food coloring with confectioners' sugar and water or milk the desired consistency and color for spreading on the cookies. Put the frosting into several small dishes for easy access. Make sure there are ample plastic knives for spreading.

Last, set out paper towels for the children to clean their hands as they go.

Let The Party Begin!

It's time to have fun. Have each child put on an apron or T-shirt and take his/her place.

Each little decorator should have a number of unadorned cookies within easy reach. Spread the cookies on paper plates at intervals near the kids. Make sure there is an assortment of shapes and sizes for the kids to choose from. 

As they decorate their cookies, the kids can put them on a paper plate (or several plates) identified with their name.

When the Party Winds Down

Encourage the kids to help you clean up. A little help is all you need. It will be easier in the long run to do it yourself.

Once the cookies are decorated, serve some hot cocoa and pre-decorated cookies.

While the kids are snacking or playing, pack up their cookies in small boxes or bags for them to take home with them. They will be excited to share them with their families.

The kids can pack up their best cookies in a plastic storage boxes to take home to their families.