Indulgent Summer Skin Care

Keep your skin soft and supple this summer.

By Gloria Garvey


With all its fun in the sun, summer can be tough on your skin. It’s a good time to indulge in luxurious, gloriously scented, stress-reducing products. They just make the summertime more relaxing and pleasurable.


Four Fragrant Ideas

Here are some ideas that are not expensive, can be interactive, and all of which will make you feel good. Just removing the caps on the jars and bottles and breathing in the scents transports us to a tropical paradise or spring garden.


Massage Oils:  Scented or not, massage oils are great for sun-parched skin, and good for giving a friend a backrub.  Massage oils can also be used to soften the water in your bath for a tension-releasing soak.


Body scrubs, brushes, and cloths:  Exfoliating body scrubs and specially designed brushes and cloths are great for getting rid of peeling or dry, salty skin. Try one. Your skin will feel smooth and satiny and you will feel totally revived.


Body butters:  These are called “butters” because, among other good-for-you-stuff, they contain shea butter, which has beneficial vegetable fats that some say promote cell regeneration and circulation. This makes them a wonderful healer and rejuvenator for troubled or aging skin. They are also thicker and feel more luxurious than most lotions — and so you may enjoy using them more than other moisturizers, and that’s just plain good for your skin.


Body washes:  Perfect for the shower and easier to deal with than soap. Private-label body washes that are not full of chemicals are luxuries that most of us don’t buy for ourselves, and so they make wonderful gifts. Pair one with a lotion of the same scent, and the gift’s impact doubles!


Whenever you buy body products, look for those that have the fewest chemical additives.  Your body will thank you.


Gloria Garvey is a refugee from New England who lives in Hawaii, where she is the owner of Lanikai Bath and Body (, Hawaii’s most comprehensive line of bath and body products.