A Springtime Lunch

Celebrate the tastes of the season!

By FamilyTime


Lunch is one of those meals we too often eat on the run, but now that spring is here in all its glory, gather the family and a few neighbors to enjoy a simple meal replete with the flavors of the season.


The food and table do not need to be complicated or formal. In fact, the more casual the better. Fill a jam jar or simple pottery pitcher with a bunch of daffodils or tulips and let the sun streaming through the window provide the rest of the ambiance.


When you plan the menu, think spring!


Spring Flavors

For the main course, consider salmon or lamb. The fish can be poached and served warm or cold, although it can be just as easily grilled or broiled. The lamb, which could be chops or a butterflied leg, can be broiled or grilled, as well.


Too much work? How about crab or tuna salad served on a bed of tender lettuces, sprouts, and blanched and cooled snap peas?


The sides might be steamed asparagus served with a squeeze of lemon and a dribble of melted butter. Another terrific way to cook asparagus is to spread it on a baking sheet, drizzle it well with olive oil and a sprinkling of chopped garlic and then roast it at a 400 degree oven for 15 or 20 minutes. You may need a little more or less time, depending on the size and amount of the asparagus and your personal preferences.


For dessert, think light flavors such as lemon or strawberry. Baked-ahead meringues are delicious served with sliced strawberries, sweetened perhaps with a little sugar or Framboise. A lemon pound cake, served with or without berries, is a sure hit, too.


Set the Table

Just as you are keeping the flowers simple, keep the table casual and bright, too. Drape it with a pretty, light tablecloth and set it with matching or complementary cloth napkins. If you have fun, bright-colored plates or glassware, consider using them.


The goal is to express a spirit of joy, renewal, and happiness that better days are here!