Lose That Holiday Weight

Even if you gained only a pound or two, lose it now and start the year right!

By FamilyTime


Depending on which experts you believe, average Americans gain from one to seven pounds during the winter holidays. The weight is not the problem; not losing it is!

Lose Your Holiday Weight -- Quickly!
You may feel as though you gained 20 pounds over the last few weeks. It's likely you gained far less, but even if it was only a pound or two, take it off now that January is here. 

If we "settle" for that extra two or three pounds every year, after a while we will be a lot heavier than we were a decade ago. This is why it is important to lose it now! 

Set a goal to lose five pounds. Once you lose this amount, consider losing five more, if you need to. Keep your goals realistic.

If you eat the right foods and skip between-meal snacks for a few weeks, you will be well on your way.

What are the right foods? Chances are you already know: stock up on fruits, vegetables, grains, legumes, lean meats and fish. Avoid fat-laden dairy products (whole milk, ice cream, sour cream), rich desserts, fried foods, and gigantic sandwiches.

Drink lots of water. Avoid alcohol and soda. Limit caffeine and sugar.

Exercise Those Pounds Away
This is the perfect partner for your weight-loss plan. If you can, join a gym or start using the one you already belong to! Go two or three times a week and workout for at least 20 minutes. After a few weeks, you will feel like staying for 40 minutes or longer.

Try walking. This is a great way to work exercise into your day. Even 15 minutes a day helps. Walk for longer distances on weekends or when the weather is fine. Your dog will thank you!

Before you know it, the pounds will fall away and you will feel ever so much better because of the exercise. What a wonderful way to begin the new year!