A Snowboard Under the Tree

Kids love to snowboard. Parents want them to be safe. The right equipment makes a big difference.

By FamilyTime


Even if you are a skier, your children might prefer to board, or "ride," as it's more commonly called. It's the hottest way to get down a snowbound slope, and kids love it.

Snowboarding has only been around for about 20 years, and recently it's caught on in a big way. Most ski mountains have built boarding parks with half pipes, on terrain suitable for sailing down the mountain on two edges.

If your kids are hankering to try it, or are already convinced it’s the best way down the mountain, make sure they are outfitted safely.

The Right Equipment Under the Tree

Every boarder should wear a helmet. It's too easy to catch an edge and pitch headfirst or backwards into the snow. Protect their skulls!

Wrist guards prevent wrist, finger, and thumb injuries when kids break a fall with their hands. Extra padding around the knees and backside cushion the inevitable falls, too.

Most riders use a step-in style of binding, which has no back and attaches to the sole of the boot. Others use what is called a freestyle binding with a high back. Snowboard instructors recommend the former, particularly for beginners.

Buy Right

When you buy the equipment, do so from a reputable dealer and make sure you can return it if it does not fit correctly. The salesman may suggest bringing your child back after the gifts are opened to insure you and your child understand how it should be worn. This is a very good idea.

As with skiing, safety is an issue. This means having the right gear as well as learning from an expert teacher how to wear it right.

When your children have are safely outfitted, the fun never stops. Let’s ride!