Summer Exercise Tips

Don't let the hot weather slow you down!

By FamilyTime

 It's daylight when you awaken and still light well into the evening. The sun shines brightly all day long. Now's the perfect time of year for outdoor exercise, but the heat and humidity can take their toll on even the most dedicated fitness fanatic!

Choose Your Time
You've heard about getting out of the midday sun. This is good advice, particularly if you're planning on physical activity.

Instead, plan to exercise early or late in the day when the temperatures cool.

If you are accustomed to running or biking at lunchtime, change your habits, if possible. If this is the only time you have, slow down. Walk or peddle slowly.

Dress Right
Wear loose-fitting, light-colored clothing. Store tight-fitting running shorts and leggings until autumn.

Wear socks, regardless of the heat. They prevent blisters and absorb sweat.

Fight the Sun
Just because you're moving quickly does not mean the sun won't burn you! Apply sunblock everytime you exercise. It should be at least SPF15.

Wear a hat and sports' sunglasses to keep the sun off your head and face and to fight glare. Make sure the hat fits well and is not too tight.

Drink Fluids
If you exercise regularly, you already know the benefits of drinking water. It is more important then ever in the hot weather.

Drink water all day long, particularly if you plan to exercise later. Down at least eight ounces of water an hour or so before you exercise. Take a bottle with you when you're outside and drink it.

After you cool down, drink some more. This is a good time for sports' drinks, which are better than water for replacing lost electrolytes.

Warm Up, Cool Down
It may seem counter-intuitive to stretch and warm up when the weather is so hot, but it's just as important in the hot weather as the cold.

Stretch carefully and thoroughly. This prevents injuries as well as aches and pains.

When you're finished with your workout, cool down. Walk slowly, stretch, and breathe regularly.

Don't Overdo
There's real danger of dehydration and even heatstroke in the hot weather.

If you feel lightheaded, weak, or nauseated, stop. Walk slowly, drink some water, and get out of the sun.

Plan your next workout so that it's less strenuous.

Don't Give Up
Regardless of how enervating the heat can be, don't give up. An evening walk or early morning jog is better than no exercise at all.

If you really can't stand the heat, go to the gym. Chances are good it will be air conditioned!