You Gotta Have Friends

Friendships are ours to treasure and to enjoy. Plus, they make life better!

by FamilyTime

 If you are someone who has a lot of friends, you are ahead of the game of life. Some research shows that a relaxed and vibrant social life is the key to a happy and long life.

Of course, friendships alone do not guarantee happiness, but they go a long way to burnishing our lives so that they shine from within.

Reach Out
As we grow older, many of us ignore our friends. Family and work obligations make it harder to keep up. When we have a free weekend or evening, we might feel too tired to make a call and get together with a friend.

Make a commitment to yourself to call a friend every few weeks or once a month and plan an outing. You won’t regret it.

Keep in Touch
If you haven’t called or e-mailed your old college roommate, childhood buddy, or former next-door neighbor for a few years, don’t wait to do so. Nothing is as gratifying as catching up with someone who shares your history.

Most of the time, when we make contact with an old friend, we fall right back into comfortable and pleasant rhythms and patterns. Years fall away and we pick up where we left off.

Why Friends Help
When we visit with lifelong friends or those new friends who fit well into our current lives, all that is positive about human interactions are reaffirmed. We laugh and have a good time, but we also stretch our minds and our emotions.

Friends whom we respect challenge or confirm our ideas and beliefs. They share our concerns about our families and our communities. In short, they understand us and we have that wonderful experience of knowing someone else speaks our language!

The next time you feel at odds with the world, or are reminded of someone you like a lot but have lost touch with, don’t waste another minute. Get together with your friends and have a good time!