The First Family Cookout of the Year

Let a family cookout get you in the mood for more to come!

By FamilyTime


It stays light well into the evening these days and the weather is mild. While it might not be warm enough to spend the entire evening out of doors, it's a good time to clean the grill and plan the first cookout of the year.

When your family sees and smells the meat cooking on the grill, they will be eager for dinner. Nothing brings on festive mood more quickly than cooking outside and this early barbecue will bring smiles to everyone's face.

You may want to cook outside and then eat indoors. This won't dampen the mood at all. Everyone knows this is just the beginning of many similar meals during a summer season that is just around the corner.

Happy grilling!

Some Tricks for This Meal
Chuck steak is a good choice for marinating. It is not as tender as some higher-priced steaks but tastes just great when it's nicely seasoned and then grilled. Perfect for a family gathering!

Although the jalapeno's heat will be diffused once the steak is grilled, for less fire, split the pepper and scrape out the seeds before chopping. Most of the heat is in the seeds. You could also substitute beef stock for the water in the marinade.
Cook the potatoes in their skins and then peel them, as instructed, or if you feel lazy, leave the skins on. When they are ready, the potatoes should be "fork tender," which means a fork will easily slip out of them but the potatoes will not crumble.

Cook the bacon first and use the cooled bacon fat for the recipe.

These brownies are topped with good things, which makes them great for an easy outdoor meal. Lift the cooled brownies from the pan with the overhanging foil. Simple!


Grilled Lime-Cilantro Chuck Steaks

Creamy Potato Salad

Mixed Greens with Fruit and Orange-Raspberry Vinaigrette