Houseguests for the Holidays

Open your home and your heart to dear friends and relatives.

By FamilyTime


Whether your in-laws, distant relations from abroad, or your best friends will visit during the holidays, make them feel special. Here are a few time-proven tricks for turning your house into a welcoming home.

Cleaning up
Your guests will feel welcome if the house is neat, tidy, and smelling fresh and clean. More importantly, you will feel better about welcoming them!

Clutter-free rooms are more relaxing than others. Clear space for visiting in the living room, or family room. Make sure there's an obvious place to sit down and talk.

Organize sleeping quarters so that your guests have space to put their suitcase, hang their clothes, and put a book, glasses, and tissues. Make the beds with fresh linens. An especially nice touch is a stack of freshly laundered towels on the bed with a new bar of scented soap on top, particularly if they will be sharing a bathroom with your family.

Make sure there is adequate light in the guest room. Put a reading lamp next to the bed.  

It’s thoughtful to supply extra pillows and blankets. This way, your guests will never feel they are troubling you if they need these.

Easy Food
Plan meals ahead of time. Shop and prep the food as much as possible. This allows you more time with your guests.

Have plenty of beverages -- soft and spirited -- on hand as well as cheese, crackers, olives, bread, and other easy snacks.

Don't neglect breakfast. Stock up on coffee beans, tea, juice, cereal, muffins, bread, eggs, and fresh fruit.

Because so much of holiday entertaining revolves around traditional foods, you might want to cook with your houseguests. Only plan to so if you know they would enjoy it, but if so, clear clutter from the kitchen so that the experience is a relaxing one.

Have fun!
Your guest are here to see you. Part of your job as host is to free yourself for them.

Switch off the televison, cell phones, and forget about your e-mail! Let the conversation linger long into the night. It's time well spent and will make your holidays especiallyl memorable.