Wonderful Dreidel

Kids will have fun playing with this wonderful Dreidel which you create together.

 Playing with the dreidel is, for young children, as much a part of the Chanukah celebration as lighting the Menorah and giving and receiving gifts.

As one of the most enduring symbols of Chanukah, the dreidel is a small toy that Jewish children have long treasured. The spinning top recalls the story of Chanukah by displaying four Hebrew letters on each of its sides. These letters mean "A Great Miracle Happened There" or, if the children are in Israel, "A Great Miracle Happened Here."

Our dreidel may not be an exact replica, but it captures the lovely spirit and joy of the Festival of Light. And it's as much fun to make as to play with.

What You Need
To make our dreidel, you need only a few supplies. Some you may have around the house.

  • 1 Nestle Wonderball box (save the Wonderball and sticker)
  • Craft glue gun and glue sticks
  • Craft knife
  • Blue spray paint
  • 1 small wooden dowel rod
  • One 1-inch wooden toy wheel (available at craft stores)
  • Silver acrylic paint
  • Silver glitter
  • White card stock
  • Removable tape
Make the Dreidel
First, carefully open the box by lifting up the top flap, instead of using the press-in-and-pull-up tab. Lift out the Wonderball and sticker and save for another use. Use the glue gun to reseal the box.

Spray paint the box. Make sure to do this in a safe place where the paint won't damage furniture or carpets. Outside or in the garage are good choices; if you can't go out, line a work table with newspapers and watch where you aim the paint!

You may need to give the box a second coat to cover it thoroughly. Allow the paint to dry completely.

Using a knife, cut the dowel rod so that it is five inches in length. This could be tricky for young children, so you might want to ask you parent to help.

Paint the dowel and wooden wheel silver with the acrylic paint and let them dry completely.

When the box, dowel, and wheel are dry, make two small criss-cross slits in the center of both ends of the box. Insert the dowel in the cut and through the box so that it extends about an inch from the bottom. Attach the wheel by slipping it over the end of the dowel. Glue it in place with the glue gun.

Decorate the Dreidel
Print the stencil template we provide here (click below).

Either print or trace the letters onto heavy paper or card stock. Cut them out and then tape each stencil to the center of each side of the box. Trace around the stencil and then remove them (save the stencils for more dreidels!).

Paint inside the lines with the silver acrylic paint. While the paint is still wet, sprinkle it with the glitter. Allow the paint and glitter to dry completely.

stencil template

To Play the Game
Place the Wonderball dreidel in the center of the playing area. Give each child a Wonderball. Let them break open the chocolate ball and discover the surprise inside.

Each player should put the same number of candies into a pile to start a kitty. Players take turns spinning the dreidel. The letter that faces up when the dreidel stops tells the player what to do.

  • Gimel means you take the whole pot.
  • Hey means you win half of everything in the kitty.
  • Shin means you must add one candy to the pot.
  • Nun means you win nothing.

    Spin the dreidel again! Happy Chanukah!