Getting Ready to Leave for Vacation

With just a little preparation, planning to leave town will not leave you too exhausted to enjoy the vacation!

By FamilyTime


Many of us find ourselves dashing here and racing there the few days before we leave for vacation. This frantic activity can leave us exhausted before we board the plane or climb in the car.

A little organization goes a long way to making leaving less stressful. Remember, while it's great to come home to a neat, tidy house, it does not have to be perfect. Concentrate instead on the vacation at hand.

A few weeks before you leave, make a list of the activities you plan to do on vacation and then what clothing and equipment you may need. Purchase anything new now, making time on your calendar for shopping. 

Secure Your Home
Well before you leave, arrange for pet sitters, if necessary (see How to Hire a Pet Sitter and House Sitter Hints). Buy automatic timers to turn on lights while you are away.

Make sure to stop delivery of the newspaper and the mail. And when you leave the house, lock all windows and doors -- upstairs as well as downstairs.

If you have an alarm system, notify the company that you will be away. It's also a good idea to let your neighbors know that you will be gone. If you have good friends in the neighborhood, ask them to drive by now and again to check on the house.

Pack what your children need on a day-to-day basis. Take extra underwear, t-shirts, shorts, and socks. Bring raingear and warm sweatshirts and an extra pair of shoes for every child.

Pack first-aid supplies such as aspirin, adhesive bandages, first-aide cream, and antacids.

Don't forget sunscreen, insect repellent, cameras and chargers, cell phone chargers, books, art supplies, games, and sporting equipment. Bring your address book so you can send postcards.

Allow children to pack a few special items in a backpack or small carry-on. These may include books, games, stuffed animals, and small toys.

Planning Ahead
Arrange for cribs, extra cots, refrigerators or microwaves in the room, and other necessities ahead of time. Being able to have breakfast in the room saves a lot time and money.

If you plan to go out for dinner, consider making reservations at a local restaurant well ahead of time to avoid disappointment.

Go on line or borrow guide books from the library to discover sporting and sightseeing opportunities at the vacation destination. Find out about any entrance fees or age restrictions, and book ahead.

Enjoy The Trip
Use your checklists and organize one step at a time. You are on your way to an enjoyable experience. Vacations are what make great family memories!