Spring Cleaning Secrets

Follow these simple steps and make your annual spring cleaning easier.

By Jo Ann Sheldon and Norma J. Heller


Spring is here. Time to tackle the damage that winter may have wrought on your home. The task need not consume days of your time. Spring cleaning is not a one-person job. You must delegate tasks to the entire family.

Read and print this FamilyTime list of what needs to be accomplished during an indoor cleaning session. Decide what supplies you will need, shop for them, and then delegate tasks. Once you have your list and your supplies, schedule several days in your calendar for "Spring Cleaning and Maintenance". Small blocks of time work well for smaller jobs. Schedule longer blocks for larger jobs. Start with one item and work down your list, checking each item as it's completed. 

Remember to try to make the cleaning period as enjoyable as possible by rewarding your helpers in some way for a job well done. Also, remember to tell your family how much you appreciate their work. Once the list is complete, sit back and enjoy.

And don't worry, your home will be easier to maintain from week to week once you have completed this initial list.

Spring Cleaning List

__   Inspect basement for damage.
__   Clean medicine cabinet.
__   Organize dresser drawers/closets.
__   Remove curtains/drapes for cleaning.
__   Wash blinds.
__   Scrub pantry and kitchen cabinets.
__   Wipe down light fixtures and chandeliers..
__   Clean upholstered furniture.
__   Wash windows.
__   Clean screens and repair.
__   Clean window sills and wells.
__   Caulk and weather-strip windows.
__   Wash/scrape/polish wooden floors.
__   Shampoo carpets.
__   Service air conditioners.
__   Service chimney/flu.
__   Service furnace.
__   Check humidifier.
__   Service generator.