Shake It Up with Snow Globes

With a little imagination and a few supplies, your kids can create glittering winter wonderlands of their own. Let it snow!

By Barbara Albright

 The weather inside these homemade snow globes might be frightful, but you and your children can create these snowy scenes in the comfort of your own warm home!

Kids of all ages find the fanciful globes irresistible. Hardly anyone can walk by one without giving it at least one shake. And what a pretty display of dazzling glitter that single shake produces!

It's easy to make the globes at home. Each child can personalize his or hers and then keep them or give them away as gifts.

What You Will Need
You will need a small, squat jar with a tight-fitting lid. The jar should be large enough to hold the size figurine you buy. The bottoms of the jars should be flat so that the figurines will sit securely on them.

The inexpensive figurines are available at discount stores, craft stores, and holiday shops. Make sure the figurines have flat bottoms.

You will need distilled water, which stays clearer and cleaner longer than tap water. You also will need a small bottle of glycerin, available at drug stores.

The only other supplies are white, gold, and silver glitter and paint for the jar lids. If the jar lids are metal, make sure to buy paint that will adhere.

How To Begin
Make sure the jar's lid is clean and dry before you paint it red, green, silver or gold - or cover it with a piece of felt.

To do so, lay the lid on a piece of foil and paint the tops and sides with a thin layer of paint. Don't paint over the edges - the lid has to screw on tightly and excess paint will inhibit the seal. Give the lids two coats and let the paint dry overnight.

If attaching felt, cut it so that it fits nearly perfectly. Glue it to the lid and trim the edges.

Attach the chosen figurines to the bottom of the jar with strong glue. We suggest Krazy Glue or marine epoxy. Set this aside for at least an hour so that the glue can harden. Overnight is best.

Let It Snow
Once the figurine is securely attached and the glue is dry, pour distilled water into the jar and fill it almost to the top, leaving about a quarter inch of headroom. Add 1 to 2 teaspoons of glitter and a few drops of glycerin. The glycerin will help the glitter stay suspended in the water when the globe is shaken.

Screw the lid on tightly. Give it a shake and let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.