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Six Ways to Survive Black Friday

Six Ways to Survive Black Friday

Success on Black Friday depends on smart strategies.

by FamilyTime

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Who doesn’t like a bargain? It feels great to save money — particularly these days when so many of us feel pinched. And so, Black Friday is a day we anticipate happily

Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving when many stores — particularly the so-called big box stores and many department stores — slash prices as a way to kick off the holiday-shopping season with a bang. Retailers are rolling back the official start of Black Friday (some open their doors on Thanksgiving night!), so more than ever, good planning is crucial.

Most stores open very early in the morning on Friday, which means it’s not unusual to see eager shoppers lined up outside in the dark, wee hours, steaming coffee cups in hand, hoping to be among the first to grab the merchandise.

And there are bargains to be had on this day! With some good planning and the right attitude, you can make the most of Black Friday.

  1. Plan ahead. Visit price-comparing websites such as shoplocal, dealtime, nextag, and pricegrabber to decide which stores will have the best deals for the items you want. You also should check out sites that name the best bargains, such as slickdeals, techbargains, gottadeal, theblackfriday, or fatwallet. Many of these sites have coupons that can help you, too.
  2. Make a list and try to stick to it. Know before you go what game system your kids want, what kitchen appliance will make your mom happy, and what size sweater your brother wears. Black Friday is not the day to expect much help from salespeople and so the better prepared you are, the easier shopping will be.
  3. Expect lines. Even if you get up at 3 a.m. to make it to Best Buy, Target, or Macy’s before the rooster crows, you probably will have to stand in line. Once you get into the mall and the day wears on, the lines will get longer and the wait more frustrating. Load up your phone with reading material or games -- and determine to be patient to help manage the aggravation.
  4. Dress comfortably and take precautions. You know the drill. Wear good walking shoes and loose clothing that is easy to layer up or down. Carry a roomy bag (large enough to hold that sweater you might shed as you get warmed up) and leave anything valuable at home. This includes tablets, unneeded credit cards, and wads of cash. If you plan to use cash, make sure it’s safely secured in your bag and easy to access. (Don’t flash it when you buy items.) When you are loaded down with packages, pay close attention to your purse. Don’t ever put it down when adjusting your burden or paying for something!
  5. Shop alone: If possible, shop alone or with a like-minded friend or family member. This is a day for serious in-and-out purchasing. It’s not the best time for leisurely browsing and amiable conversation. If you can, leave the kids at home. Not only are you probably shopping for them but they will only make the day more chaotic than it already is.
  6. Have fun: This sounds lame, we know, but try to smile, enjoy the frenzy, and congratulate yourself when you meet success. You will no doubt witness some crazed fellow shoppers and when you do, you’re allowed to chuckle to yourself. Be kind to the harried salespeople and look forward to getting home and relaxing with a leftover turkey sandwich!

And of course, Cyber Monday is just around the corner!

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