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Secrets of Scrambled Eggs

Secrets of Scrambled Eggs

Scrambled eggs are one of the first things kids learn to cook. And one of the best!

By FamilyTime

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When it comes to home cooking, scrambled eggs are among the first things most kids learn to make. And what a thrill it is when they master this easy, appealing dish! This is grown-up cooking.

If your kids can scramble a few eggs, they’ll always be able to prepare breakfast, lunch or dinner — and this ability will follow them into adulthood.

The Secrets to a Great Scramble

Kids struggle with two things when they make scrambled eggs: breaking the eggs cleanly so that no shell gets in the eggs; and cooking the eggs slowly enough so that the proteins don’t break down and make the eggs watery.

A lot of adults struggle with the same things.

To crack an egg, hold it between thumb and fingers and crack it sharply and directly on the countertop (not the rim of the bowl). Come at the counter in a straight line — not at an angle.

When the egg cracks, gently dig your thumbs into the weakened shell and, holding the egg over the bowl, carefully open the shell to release the whites and yolk.

It’s safer to use the countertop than the bowl’s rim to crack an egg. If you hit the rim too powerfully, some shell may slip into the bowl.

A little piece of shell won’t hurt the eggs but is not terribly pleasant to find in your mouth when you expect soft, fluffy eggs. Remove any shell right away, either using your fingers or a large piece of broken egg shell to scoop it out. A spoon or fork work, too, although the gelatinous whites make the stray shells elusive.

Make the Scramble

Once the eggs are in the bowl, whisk them with a fork or wire whisk. Most recipes call for a little milk or half-and-half to be whisked with the eggs. Two or three teaspoons for every egg works well.

When the eggs are correctly mixed they will fairly evenly colored, although a few streaks of whites or yolks, or both, are acceptable.

Season the eggs lightly with salt and pepper.

Heat a sauté pan over low heat. When it’s hot, add some butter. You need only about a teaspoon of butter for every two or three eggs so don’t go overboard.

When the butter melts, pour the eggs into the pan and stir them continuously swith a fork or wooden spoon until they set and form small curds. Remember to keep the heat low, low, low! Cooking is not instantaneous but can take three or four minutes -- or longer, if you’re scrambling more than four eggs. Be patient.

Slow and steady cooking results in creamy, light, fluffy eggs. If you turn up the heat to hurry along the process, the eggs will weep liquid, which collects in the pan. Eggs cooked over high heat will also be tough and chewy as well as watery.

Flavor the Eggs

The glory of scrambled eggs is that a host of ingredients can be added to boost their flavor. Among the most popular are ham, cheese, bacon, roasted red peppers, and herbs.

Chop the ham, shred or chop the cheese, crumble the bacon, slice the peppers, and tear or mince the herbs. Stir any one of these or a combination into the eggs before pouring them into the hot pan.

Serve the scrambled eggs directly from the pan while nice and hot. Eat them with toast, English muffins, or just as is. Yum!

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