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Walk, Run, and Play Into Fall!

Walk, Run, and Play Into Fall!

Let these bright days and cool temperatures lure the whole family outside for some good, solid fun.

By FamilyTime

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Once summer is over, life seems to shift into hyperspeed. School, homework, sports, meetings, and clubs compete to make it a little more hectic than most of us like. To break the cycle—even if only for a few hours—get the family outdoors and doing something active.

Physical activity is beneficial for all ages. It makes everyone feel better, alleviates fatigue, helps our appetites, and along the way, you and your kids will share some good laughs.

Some Ideas

Organized soccer and football are great for kids, but these activities are not geared for families. Try something a little less skilled so that kids of all ages can participate.

The fall is a great time for hikes in the woods, with crispy leaves rustling underfoot and birds flying overhead on their way to warmer climes. Walks on the beach or along pretty roads are also fun.

Boring! Your kids might say. Who wants to hike? Okay, then dust off the bikes and plan an easy afternoon ride. Even small children enjoy riding behind Mom or Dad in a bike seat. Don’t forget the helmets!

Pack the kids in the car and head for a nearby park where you can play pick-up soccer, touch football, or games as simple as capture the flag or kick the can. You and the kids are sure to spend some time rolling on the grass, laughing and shrieking!

Closer to Home

When the weather is brilliant, grab time out of doors whenever you can—even half an hour after school can be fun.

Encourage the kids to accompany you when you walk the dog. Young children will love running races up and down the driveway or the sidewalk. A quick trip to the playground will seem all the more special if it’s seized on the run. Suggest an impromptu game of hide-and-seek in the backyard.

Why Bother?

There is no denying many of us often take the path of least resistance and rely on gym class and organized team sports to keep our kids fit. It’s easier to stay at home than to motivate a family with varied interests.

There is a growing and reliable body of research that says physically active kids are smarter, happier kids. Aerobic exercise in particular helps the parts of the brain that coordinate physical actions, promote decisive thinking, and increase memory. This could lead parents to decide that more, rather than less, physical activity is optimal.

So, don’t wait another day! Get the family together and get moving. After their first grumblings, the kids will be happy to comply. And your family will enjoy the time together.

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