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Treat Your Windows in Style

Treat Your Windows in Style

Deciding on window treatments is not always easy, but makes a big difference.

By FamilyTime

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One of the best ways to dress up a room is to dress up the windows. Thinking about the color of the walls, the fabric for your furniture, and the kind of carpeting you want is not enough. Window treatments are important, too.

Formal silk drapery is lovely in a large, formal room, but if your style is more casual, consider simpler treatments.

Why Worry about the Windows?
Windows let light into the room and so are focal points during the daylight. At night, they are black holes and that need to be covered or modified.

The right window treatment will enhance the rest of the room, allow the right amount of light into it or block it when it’s hot. Good drapes and other treatments also help keep rooms warm and cozy.

Choices, Choices
Try to keep your window treatments similar throughout the house. Not only will this make it easier for you and look more put together, but the windows will look better from the outside of the houes, too.

You can choose curtains, panel drapes, swags, or something in between. Curtains and drapes can be tied back and how you do so will make them look formal or casual. For instance, a luxurious silk panel pulled back with a thick, rope tie is decorous. A bright white country curtain tied back with a jaunty bow is more informal.

Blinds and shades can be adjusted during the day to let the sunshine in, keep it out, or block the window at night. These are often the best choice for privacy in bedrooms and bathrooms.

Blinds are not well suited for a formal living room or large windows, but are great in small spaces and laid-back rooms. They collect dust and so unless you are willing to clean them, think before you buy. Blinds with wood slats are pricy but look great and last a long time.

Mixing and Matching
Sheer curtains are wonderful for diffusing light without blocking it and they provide some privacy during the day. They also are good solutions for blocking unattractive views (such as the wall of the building next door or a busy road) even while letting in light.

Sheer curtains do nothing at night in terms of privacy and so if that is what you are after, use them in tandem with drapes or blinds. They can be layered under drapes and over shades.

Drapes can be made so that they pull across the window. These can block light effectively for morning sleeping and provide excellent privacy. They also help block drafts.

Whatever you decide is best for your lifestyle and décor, your windows will thank you for dressing them up. Oh — washing the windows often helps, too!


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