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Thinking About Wallpaper?

Thinking About Wallpaper?

Wallpaper adds style and beauty to any home.

By FamilyTime

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While most of your walls may be painted, wallpaper adds style that is not otherwise possible. It takes some boldness to paper your walls, and when you choose the right paper, nothing compares.

You will be glad you took the leap! But before you do, take your time choosing the wallpaper.

It’s All About Style

Wallpaper can camouflage a host of irregularities. If your walls are bumpy, the corners don’t square, or the ceiling is not completely even, some wallpapers will minimize these flaws.

Before you select wallpaper to hide these sorts of problems, make sure you choose the right style. Here are some guidelines:

Small prints and florals: These traditional patterns are helpful for disguising flaws. They also do well in large rooms or rooms where you spend a lot of time and therefore will benefit from a neutral look.

Horizontal stripes and patterns: Horizontals are also good for houses with bumpy walls and corners that do not square. They will make a room seem wider.

Vertical stripes and prints: Choose these only for rooms with few irregularities. Vertical patterns make ceilings seem higher.

Textured papers: These provide interest because while they often have a very muted pattern, the texture lets light play on the walls. You might brighten a room, create shadows, and highlight the room’s dimensions.

Large patterns: If you decide on a generous, bold pattern, whether it’s floral or a different design, you are making a big statement. Consider papering small spaces, hallways, and rooms that are not used too often (such as guest rooms) with outsized patterns.

The Choice

Choosing wallpaper is overwhelming. There are books and books with pattern after pattern that vary as wildly as their prices. It's enough to make your head swim! Commit to spending time looking at various wallpapers. You will, in time, discover manufacturers you don't like so you can skip their sample books. On the other hand, you will discover companies you are drawn to. Focus on those.

If the wallpaper store permits (and most do), take sample books home and see how the paper looks in different lights, with your furniture, drapes and carpeting. Canvas other family members to get opinions.

The Decision

Once you make a decision, stick with it. Don't second guess yourself but instead hire someone to install the paper. Get ready for some big changes.

You may want to try to hang the paper yourself, which is a great way to save money if you are handy or have done it before.

If you are a newbie, don't attempt to paper your living room or kitchen. Start with a smaller, less trafficked room with fewer nooks and crannies, like a bedroom. If you like doing it, you may find yourself papering every room in the house!

Get ready for some big changes and some great style! You're going to love your wallpaper.

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