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A Vacation for Two

A Vacation for Two

When the two of you get away together, life just gets better!

By FamilyTime

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A vacation for just the two of you is a terrific way to recharge your energy and evaluate what is meaningful in life.

When you plan the vacation, think about what you both like to do. Do you like to lie on the beach? Visit historical landmarks and museums? Hike? Eat in top restaurants? Choose a vacation that suits you both.

Negotiate Peacefully
Don't hesitate to negotiate when selecting your destination. While it is fine for each person to do his or her "own thing" for some part of every day you are away, the best way to insure a great vacation is to pursue common activities.

Be flexible. Try something new if your partner is enthusiastic about it. On the other hand, try to be understanding if your partner decides against that particular activity.

Before you leave home, establish some guidelines for the vacation. This is supposed to be a peaceful, relaxing time for both of you and so it's best to avoid conflict by discussing certain things beforehand.

For most couples the biggest complaint is that "the office" intrudes. Leave cell phones, laptop computers and briefcases at home -- or at least turned off. Don't give your telephone number to co-workers. Instruct your children to call only when necessary or at pre-determined times.

While on Vacation 
Begin the vacation with open minds. Be available for each other, open to each other's thoughts and desires. Vacationing is not the same as spending time at home.

Think back to your honeymoon or a trip made before the children were born. What made that vacation so special? Although you can't re-create it, you can draw from the memories to shape this vacation.

Remember what it is that you love about your partner and celebrate these qualities together. Devote your energy to each other.

Instead of reacting without thinking to a suggestion from your partner, discuss it with him or her. Make a conscious effort to please each other.

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