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Is Weight Training for You?

Is Weight Training for You?

Just a little time with weights will enhance any exercise program.

By FamilyTime

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Weight training is a great way to enhance just about any exercise program. Think beyond walking, running, or swimming and decide to incorporate some weight training into your exercise routine.

Who Should Train?
If you exercise regularly and eat sensibly, you may not think you need to add weight training to your regimen. But it can only help.

If you are beginning a diet and exercise program, you may be concentrating on aerobic exercise only. But it's important to include weight training, too.

If you run around after small children, like to play sports as a hobby, are aging more rapidly than you wish, or feel sluggish and tired much of the time, you should weight train.

In other words, just about everyone should integrate weight training into their exercise routine. Before beginning this or any exercise program, check with your doctor.

What Are the Benefits?
Weight training has many benefits and very few drawbacks. Among the most significant benefits are:

· It aids in weight loss.
· It increases your metabolism.
· It gives you energy.
· It strengthens bones.
· It decreases the chance of injury.
· It makes you look and feel better.

The only drawback to weight training is if it's improperly implemented. Overtraining can cause strained, sore muscles. It can also lead to injury.

Get Started!
Ask a professional trainer or someone who works at the gym to show you how to use the weight machines correctly. Start slowly with two or three repetitions, and build up to more.

Never begin lifting before warming up.

Lift slowly and with controlled movements. Lift to the point of muscle fatigue. No further.

Incorporate weight training into your normal aerobic exercise routine. Warm up on a bicycle or treadmill for at least 10 minutes (or longer) and then use the weights.

In a very short time, you will start to feel, and then to see, the benefits of weight training.

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