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I'm in the Wine Store, Now What?!

I'm in the Wine Store, Now What?!

By FamilyTime

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Far more people are baffled by wine than let on! If you experience a mild anxiety attack whenever you enter a wine shop, you are not alone.

Help is on the way.

Wine expert Peter Morrell has written a smart, straightforward guide to buying and enjoying wine as part of the Now What?! series from Silver Lining Books. With book in hand, you will feel confident about choosing wine.

Morrell, whose family has been in the wine business for more than 80 years in New York City, knows just how to help readers understand, select, and expand their knowledge. He takes them through the process effortlessly and sensibly.

The author begins with very basic information – what is wine? what is the difference between white and red grape varieties? – and then focuses the book on more specific topics.

Chapters include descriptions of French, Italian, and American wines, as well as wines from countries as diverse as Spain, Australia, Chile, and South Africa.

Throughout the book, Morrell offers his own selections for various wines in a range of prices. These often start as low as $7 or $8 and rarely go higher than $30 or $40. He encourages his readers to learn from his choices and then make their own informed ones.

This is a guide to buying wine, but it is also a guide to wine terms. The author demystifies terms such as "body," "nose," "bouquet," "brut," "estate bottled," and "corky."

Boxes called "Ask the Experts" let the neophyte wine buyer learn why Napa Valley is California's most famous wine-growing region, what foods go well with French dessert wines, and if it's okay to like pink Champagne!

The more adventurous wine enthusiast can learn about wine events in South Africa, how to read a restaurant wine list, and how to host a wine tasting party.

This little book is chock full of helpful information and pretty much answers everyone's questions about buying and serving wine. The more experienced wine lover might find some of it too basic – but most of us will be glad to have the question answered: I'm in the wine store…now what?!

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