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Fight Hunger: Connect With Kid Power!

Fight Hunger: Connect With Kid Power!

Encourage your kids to fight hunger. Their dedication and enthusiasm is infectious!

By FamilyTime

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Kids love to help other kids. At no time is this more apparent than when we ask our children to help fight hunger, and childhood hunger in particular.

While it’s difficult to grasp the big picture — more than 17 million American households are what is called “food insecure” — it’s easy for anyone to understand how dangerous it is not to have enough to eat.

Our children don’t like to think of other kids going hungry and so are likely to jump into activities that will help combat the problem. And once kids tap into their own power, the results are nothing short of impressive!

10 Ways for Kids to Help

1. Kids can join their parents volunteering at soup kitchens and food banks. They can sort cans and packaged goods, make simple sandwiches, and help clean up.

2. Kids can hold bake sales to raise money to donate to hunger-related organizations.

3. Kids can organize tag sales to sell their old toys and clothes — and those of their siblings and neighbors — and donate the proceeds to organizations that combat hunger.

4. Kids can work with youth groups at their churches, mosques, and synagogues that find ways to fight hunger.

5. Kids can volunteer to assist local chefs who donate cooking classes to teach folks how to prepare thrifty and healthful meals.

6. Kids can mow lawns, babysit, cat sit, dog walk or otherwise earn a little money on their own time to donate to hunger-related causes.

7. Kids can post hunger facts and ways to help on Facebook.

8. Kids can tweet about hunger to encourage other kids to get involved.

9. Kids can talk to their teachers about organizing a food drive at school.

10. Kids can plant and tend a small vegetable patch, or an extra row in the family garden, and donate the harvest to the food bank.

For more ways to get involved, go to: cleanoutforkids and nokidhungry.

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