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Spaghetti Carbonara

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Yes (7/11)
This is a heart attack in a dish!!! Why do you offer such unhealthy recipes?

I think it would be better if the bacon were cooked until a little crisper then called for. I added garlic and it would be good with mushrooms in it as well. It was very good and any addition of meat would add to the ability to make it a full meal. Served with a salad, it was great. Thank you for the nice change from the ordinary.

What are you showing in the picture? There is something red which I suspect is tomato and is not mentioned in the recipe.

Sorry, this recipe has nothing to do with authentic "spaghetti carbonara" ! This recipe is rich and tasty but heavier and completly different taste than real "spaghetti alla carbonara" Please rename your good recipe! CIAO.

I have made this dish numerous times and it's always a hit, especially with the picky eater.

This is just as good as being in the pizza kitchen. WONDERFUL!!

We love this recipe! It reminds us of a favorite dish from The Rosebud, a great Chicago restraunt.

I made this dish tonight and it was excellent!

Very good. I added corn and broccoli and it turned out great!!!

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