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Alfredo Sauce

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I would make this dish again but with one addition. I would reserve fresh parsley in order to sprinkle it on top of the finished Alfredo Sauce. One more suggestion would be with regard to the fresh garlic used. My taste would include approx. 5-7 cloves of garlic saute'd in Extra Virgin Olive Oil to be added to the Alfredo Sauce before completion.

Delicious, especially if you add a bit more flour to make the sauce thicker and extra cheyanne pepper (which makes it thick and spicy for crackers or bread).

I've made this several times and loved it every time. I use fresh garlic, fresh parmesan (not in the shaker). I've given the recipe twice to people who have asked for it after I've served it to them.

This was my first time making a cream sauce, and it went together remarkably well. One interesting thing I noticed is, that after we poured out our initial servings' worth of sauce, the remaining sauce began to form up into a soft cheese again in the non-stick pan I used.

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