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Piñata Party
It's a fun, messy job to make a pi ata! But who cares about the mess when the kids have so much fun? Homemade pi atas are smaller and easier to open than most storebought ones - plus you and the kids can design your own fanciful animals and creations.


Art And Crafts Projects for a Rainy Day
Plan ahead for rainy days. With projects in mind and supplies on hand, you and the kids will welcome the storm clouds.



Chances are you have the necessary material on hand to make some stylin' jewelry.


The Sweet Music of Wind Chimes
Making your own wind chimes is a relaxing warm weather project sure to appeal to kids.


Moms Love Homemade Gifts!
Nothing makes mothers happier on Mother's Day than a gift crafted by little hands. Moms love to see what their offspring create, and kids get excited anticipating their mom's reaction. A win-win if ever there was one!


Rainbows of Fun

Tie dying is never out of fashion simply because it's so much fun. Kids love wearing and sharing their creations! Candidates for tie dying include plain natural fabric t-shirts, nightshirts, sweat pants, sheets, and curtains.


Play Dough for Rainy Days
Everyone loves play dough. Luckily, it's simple to make at home. You can make the dough with everyday kitchen items and dye it all different colors. Best of all, it provides hours of fun.


Decoupage Picture Frames and More!
Decoupage is the traditional French art of applying illustrations, photographs, drawings, and cartoons to wood or glass objects. The results are objects d'art. While decoupage can be intricate and complicated, when simplified, its magic appeals to chil


A Shamrock Garden
With just a few supplies and some help from a grownup or an older brother or sister, kids can make a whole garden of bright, happy-looking shamrocks. Use these to decorate the St. Patrick s Day table, a mantelpiece, or side table. These shamrocks would be


Kool Yarn
Kids love to dye wool -- especially when they can use kid-friendly Kool-Aid, or a similar powdered soft drink mix.


Log Cabins Made from Pretzels
Log cabins symbolize our country's past, and as such still fascinate us - especially kids. Now they can create their own miniature cabin, and then share it with the birds when they are done.


Barnyard Pipe Cleaner Puppets
Have you ever thought about a puppet show? Half the fun is making the puppets. Here, the barnyard animals in this puppet play are a pig, a cow and a chicken - but you and your kids could easily make a duck or lamb, instead.


Chanukah Crafts
Chanukah calls for Jewish families to not only light menorahs (the candelabrum with nine candleholders), but also to display it for all to see. For hundreds of years, this tradition of "displaying the lights" has sparked Jewish creativity. Why not join in and create your own Chanukah crafts to display?


Shake It Up with Snow Globes
The weather inside these homemade snow globes might be frightful, but you and your children can create these snowy scenes in the comfort of your own warm home!


Thanksgiving Napkin Rings
Thanksgiving is a festive holiday and kids love to help make it even more exciting. There are no gifts, no special games -- instead, it's a time for time-honored family rituals revolving around an annual feast.


Thanksgiving Toppers
With several sheets of construction paper, a ball of yarn, staples, and glue or tape, the kids can make simple hats and headdresses to wear on Thanksgiving day.


Black Cat Candy Caddy
The exciting hours your children spend trick-or-treating will be even better when they collect candy and other goodies in this adorable cat candy caddy! Making this craft with your kids heightens the happy anticipation of the holiday.


Keep an Eye on These Magic Eyes
Making magic eyes is a familiar activity at club and scout meetings, around campfires at summer camps, and similar gatherings. The act of crafting them can be traced to Native Americans, who named similar shapes "magic eyes."


Tissue Paper Flowers
Even young children can make these flowers. They can be a big as the youngster can handle and can boast every color of the rainbow.


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