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Portuguese Garlic Chicken Soups Stews & ChiliEuropeanMeatsCrockpot Cooking
Red and Blackeye Soup Soups Stews & ChiliAmericanVegetableCrockpot Cooking
Red Beans, Barley and Sauasge Stew Soups Stews & ChiliAmericanVegetableCrockpot Cooking
Red Hawaiian Ham Main DishesAmericanMeatsCrockpot Cooking
Refried Bean Dip Sauces Spreads and DressingsMexicanVegetableCrockpot Cooking
Roast Chicken with Rosemary and Garlic Main DishesAmericanPoultryCrockpot Cooking
Savory Chicken and Vegetables Main DishesAmericanPoultryCrockpot Cooking
Slow Cooker Carmel Apples Desserts and SnacksAmericanFruitCrockpot Cooking
Slow-Cooked Beef Burgundy Soups Stews & ChiliAmericanMeatsCrockpot Cooking
Slowcooker Breakfast Cobbler Breakfast and BrunchAmericanFruitCrockpot Cooking
Slow-Cooker Cassoulet -- Course --AmericanMeatsCrockpot Cooking
Smoky Brisket Main DishesAmericanMeatsCrockpot Cooking
Spicy Beef Stew Soups Stews & ChiliAmericanMeatsCrockpot Cooking
Spicy Brisket Over Noodles Main DishesAmericanMeatsCrockpot Cooking
Spicy Cajun Style Buffalo Wings Main DishesAmericanPoultryCrockpot Cooking
Stuffed Roasted Chicken -- Course --AmericanPoultryCrockpot Cooking
Stuffed Chicken Rolls Low Fat SandwichesAmericanMeatsCrockpot Cooking
Summertime Cooler BeveragesAmericanFruitCrockpot Cooking
Super Saucy Beef & Noodles Soups Stews & ChiliAmericanMeatsCrockpot Cooking
Supper In The Crock Pot Main DishesAmericanMeatsCrockpot Cooking
Swiss Beef Birds Soups Stews & ChiliAmericanMeatsCrockpot Cooking
Swiss Crab Casserole Main DishesEuropeanSeafoodCrockpot Cooking
Traveling Eggs Desserts and SnacksAmericanDairyCrockpot Cooking
Vegetarian Hoppin John Soups Stews & ChiliAmericanMeatsCrockpot Cooking
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