Source: Food and Wine Quick from Scratch

Espresso Granita with Whipped Cream
Top the granita with a hefty portion of whipped cream; you’ll need the mild sweetness of the cream to balance the strong espresso.
Serves: 4
Prep Time: 40 minutes
Cook Time: 0 minutes


1 3/4 cups brewed espresso coffee
1/4 cup plus 4 teaspoons sugar, or more to taste
2/3 cup heavy cream

Mix the espresso with 1/4 cup sugar and stir until dissolved. Taste the espresso and add more sugar if necessary. Chill in the refrigerator, or, to hasten the process, pour the espresso into a stainless-steel bowl set it in a larger bowl filled with ice and stir until cold. Pour the chilled coffee into two 9-by-9-inch stainless-steel pans. Freeze for 15 minutes. Stir well to break up the icy shards and return the pans to the freezer. Continue freezing, stirring every 10 minutes, until the granita is completely frozen and has a desirable grainy texture. This will take about 40 minutes. In a medium bowl, using a hand-held electric mixer, beat the cream with the remaining 4 teaspoons of sugar until the cream holds soft peaks when the beaters are lifted. Scoop the granita into chilled serving bowls and top with the whipped cream.

Granita Tips: For extra speed, buy the espresso ready-made from a coffee shop. You can put the warm espresso directly into the freezer, but it will take much longer to freeze. Granita will freeze faster in a metal pan, but you can use Pyrex.