Source: Fabulous Food Associations

Grilled Sirloin & Potato Dinner
Grilled steak and potatoes--a delicious combo. Just add a tossed salad and dig in!.
Serves: 4
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Cook Time: 30 minutes


1 well trimmed boneless beef top sirloin steak, 1 inch thick
2 large baking potatoes, each cut lengthwise into 8 wedges
4 slices (1/2 inch) red onion
2 tablespoon olive oil
2/3 cup steak sauce, prepared
1 tablespoon garlic, crushed

In 2-cup glass measure, combine steak sauce and garlic; cover and microwave on HIGH 2 minutes or until hot and bubbly, stirring once. Remove 3 tablespoons; brush on both sides of steak. Reserve remaining sauce.

Brush potatoes and onion with oil. Place steak and vegetables on grid over medium, ash-covered coals. Grill, uncovered, 17 to 21 minutes until steak is medium-rare to medium doneness and vegetables are tender, turning steak and vegetables occasionally. Brush vegetables with some of reserved sauce during last 5 minutes of grilling.

Carve steak crosswise into slices; serve with vegetables. Pass remaining sauce.