Help Your Child Like School!

Not every kid takes to school. Here are ways to help yours cope.

By FamilyTime

 Is your school-age son or daughter miserable? Do you hear endless complaints about school? Few things are more distressing to a parent, but there are ways to turn the situation around.
  • Make a point of talking to your child everyday about school. Even a few minutes are better than nothing.
  • Talk about your own memories of school. Did you enjoy it? Why or why not? Could you unwittingly be passing on your own prejudices?
  • If your child is old enough for homework, carve out an uncluttered space and regular time for her to complete it. Be available for help.
  • Note school activities on the family calendar so that no one forgets - and your children see the importance you place on them.
  • Encourage your child to organize his homework, clothes, backpack, and anything else needed for school the night before. This will make the mornings more manageable and less stressful.
  • Provide some time everyday for play and unstructured activity. Laugh and joke with your schoolchild -- this reassures her that life goes happily on.
  • Let your child invite friends over to play. Make it fun. Ask the group simple questions about school and try to get them to laugh about schoolyard escapades.
More Extreme Measures
Rarely is the problem solely with the classroom teacher or your child's classmates, but if you decide it is, take action. Before you request a classroom change, be sure of the issues. Understandably, schools are reluctant to do this but with enough good reasons and parental insistence, most will.

If you discover your child has trouble reading or mastering some other important aspect of learning, investigate tutoring or after-school help. Talk to the teacher first.

Be sure your child understands that getting an education is important. Fill the house with books, magazines, games, and projects. Encourage learning on every level.

Finally, relax with your child; let him know that you're proud of each and every one of his achievements.