Wedding Shower Traditions

Some traditions are lots of fun!

By FamilyTime


At a traditional bridal shower, two customs often are honored — all in good fun! They are the wishing well and the bride's bonnet or bouquet. Some brides may object to these, but if the bride is game, the maid of honor and other bridesmaids will have a good time with both.

The Wishing Well
The wishing well is for small, inexpensive kitchen or household gifts, usually under ten or 20 dollars.

The wishing well can be made from a large cardboard box covered with white or pastel wrapping paper. Attach a lace umbrella to the side of the box, or make a roof from another box. Guests put their gifts in the "well" when they arrive.

Be sure to announce the wishing well on the shower invitation and indicate if these are the only gifts. For many showers, they are in addition to more significant gifts.

If the gifts are supplements to the larger gifts, the bride may not open the smaller ones during the shower in the interest of time. The gifts should be mentioned in the thank you note, and so a bridesmaid could be assigned to make sure all gifts are identified by the giver.

The Wedding Shower Bonnet
The maid-of-honor should be prepared with a paper plate, scissors, and tape to make the wedding shower bonnet from the ribbons and other decorations from the discarded wrappings. When the hat is done, the bride is supposed to wear it for fun.

Very often the bride dons the hat just long enough for some silly pictures. An alternative is to make a bouquet with the ribbons and other decorations from the wrappings. In some instances, the bride carries this during the wedding rehearsal.

Maid of Honor Duties
The maid of honor is responsible for recording each gift so that the bride will know to whom to send thank you notes. This is especially vital if the shower is large. It’s very easy to get presents confused. It’s a good idea to keep cards with the gift, as a backup.

The maid of honor also presents each guest with a party favor at the end of a traditional shower. This is meant as a small thank you and keepsake of the day.

Ideas for favors include candles tied in ribbon, prettily wrapped small chocolates or cookies, fragrant soaps, or small potted plants.

When the last guest has left, only the bride, her wedding party, close friends, and mother will be left to savor the lovely afternoon — and look forward to the big day to come!