How to Choose a Moving Company

Make smart choices now and avoid headaches later

By FamilyTime


Moving is stressful enough without having to worry if you hired the best moving company. With just a little forethought and research, you can be rest assured that you have made the right decision.

Begin by canvassing friends, neighbors, and colleagues. When they recommend a company, ask them why. You should hear the word “reliable” in the answer, but if all you hear is “inexpensive,” consider another mover. The mover you hire should have impeccable recommendations for dependability and honesty. If the company charges a little less than others, all the better, but saving money is not always the best way to cut costs when you move.

Following is a checklist for anyone hiring a moving company:

  • Make sure the mover will come to the house or apartment and give you a free estimate. The estimate should be writing.
  • Get three written estimates.
  • Know the terms of the estimate, such as an expiration date or hidden charges for weather delays or difficult access roads.
  • Find out if the mover has the proper licensing and insurance. If you are moving in state, states regulate this; if you are moving to another state, the federal government has some control.
  • Contact the U.S. Department of Transportation if you have any doubts or want to be sure the company is registered and insured.
  • Visit the DOT’s website for further information.Go to for more on moving.
  • Decide ahead of time what you will pack and what the mover will pack. You save money by packing yourself, but you might prefer to have the pros pack fragile items.
  • Decide what you will be leaving behind — things you will toss, give away, or sell at a tag sale.
  • Be clear about these decisions when the moving company's representative comes to the house to give you an estimate.
  • Check with your insurance company to make sure you are well insured during the move.

If you are careful and thorough about hiring the right moving company, moving day will be far less stressful. You can count on professionals showing up on time, taking care with your possessions, and getting the job done in the agreed upon time frame.

Why not make this day as stress-free as possible? You deserve it!