S'Mores: Summer at Its Best

Both kids and grown-ups adore these simple treats made with graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate bars.

By Barbara Albright


A mainstay of campouts, s'mores are an easy -- not to mention indescribably delicious -- ending to any outdoor meal. There are only three ingredients, and all are easy to pack and carry. Put them together: instant magic!

S'More Equipment
You don't need much for these treats.

You'll need a dying campfire or glowing charcoal fire.

You'll need a stick for roasting the marshmallows. This should be long, thin, and green.

A green stick is one that is alive. A dried-out stick is more likely than a green stick to ignite in the fire.

You can also use a long-handled fork for roasting the marshmallows. But usually it's the grown-ups who resort to this. Kids know it's more fun to hunt for the perfect roasting stick.

Once you find a stick, use a pocket knife, such as a Swiss army knife, to trim bark from the business end of the stick. This requires adult supervision.

S'More Ingredients
You need to pack graham crackers, plain milk chocolate bars (most folks use ordinary Hershey's), and regular-sized marshmallows.

Everyone gets a whole graham cracker and a few marshmallows, plus easy access to the chocolate bars.

Break the graham cracker into two squares. Lay enough pieces of chocolate on one of these squares to cover it. Set this aside.

Impale one marshmallow (or two) on the stick and toast it. This is where personal taste comes into play. Some kids like their marshmallows barely golden on the outside, while others prefer them burned so that the sticky inside shrinks inside the blackened crust. Most people toast their marshmallows somewhere in between.

What is important is that the marshmallows are hot and gooey all the way through to the center.

Slide the toasted marshmallow off the stick and onto the chocolate-covered cracker. Put the other graham cracker half on top of the marshmallow and SQUASH the sandwich together.

The hot marshmallow will melt the chocolate, which will sink into the cracker. Ooooh! It's all so yummy!

Take a bite. And another. Surely you will want "s'more" s'mores!

Have more. Why not?

S'Mores at Home
If you crave s'mores when you're home - not camping - make them in the microwave.

The drawback to this method is that the marshmallows don't brown. But they do get soft, gooey, and hot.

Put a graham cracker half on a microwave-safe plate and put some chocolate on top of it. Set one marshmallow on top (don't get greedy - two marshmallows are too many for this!).

Microwave for 20 seconds on high power. Take the plate from the dish and press the second graham cracker half on top of the marshmallow. SQUISH it down.

Now, enjoy a s'more. You can have another in about 30 seconds!