Kids' Passover Activities

Teach your children about Passover with these activities.

By FamilyTime

 Regardless of whether your family celebrates Passover, you can introduce your children to Passover traditions through these activities. They're fun and educational.

Tell Them The Passover Story
Passover commemorates the exodus of the Israelites from Egypt. Family members read the Haggadah, the book of Exodus, during a dinner celebration called the Seder, the focal point of the Passover celebration. Unleavened bread called matzah is eaten during the whole week. The reason for this is when the Israelites left Egypt, they left in a hurry. They made the bread, put it on boards, baked it in the sun and it did not rise. Matzah is available at most grocery stores now. Serve it to your children and tell them this story.

Make A Matzoh Cover
For the Seder, three pieces of matzoh are placed in a Matzoh Cover (a cloth sleeve or envelope) which is put in the center of the table. Children can decorate the cover with symbols, glitter, or stickers. Decorate such a cover with your children.

Hunt for The Afikomen
For the Passover Seder, the middle piece of matzah on the Seder table is removed and broken in half. One half is returned to the Matzoh Cover. The other -- called the Afikomen -- is hidden, to be hunted by the children at the end of the Seder meal. The child who finds the Afikomen wins a special prize. Some homes break the Afikomen into many pieces so each child can find a piece and win a prize.

Find the Chomitz
Yeast is not allowed during Passover. Organize the children to help you find the "chometz" -- bread or any item that contains yeast. Have adults hide crumbs in various corners in the house. Supply kids with a flashlight, broom, paper bag and dust pan. Have them sweep the crumbs into the paper bag and put the bag into the fireplace to burn.