Let's Have a Slumber Party!

School-age kids love to host sleepovers. Plan well and have a great time!

By FamilyTime


Slumber parties are wonderful opportunities for kids to bond with each other and to welcome an assortment of friends into their homes.

Plan them for birthday parties, around holidays, or on an otherwise quiet weekend just for the fun of it.

Plan the Party
Limit the number of guests. Eight- nine- and ten-year olds do best with three or four friends; older kids can invite a few more.

Encourage your child to invite friends who know each other and get along. Avoid children who have trouble in groups - discord could make this a very long night!

If the party is a birthday or holiday party, send out invitations. If it's a more spontaneous event, call the other children. Be available to talk to the parents and assure them you will be home to supervise.

Set a starting time - usually early evening - and a firm pick-up time for the following morning.

Ask the children's parents about any dietary restrictions or allergies.

Spell out what the guests are expected to bring, such as sleeping bags, pillows, and extra blankets.

If this is not a birthday party, make sure the guests and their parents know not to bring presents.

Theme Parties
Choosing a theme makes the party easy to plan. This might be a holiday, a backyard campout, a pool party, movie party, game night, or a stuffed animal party.

For a Halloween party, carve pumpkins, decorate masks, bob for apples, or create a haunted house. For a Christmas party, decorate cookies or make tree ornaments.

Make sure the other parents know if you plan to take the kids to the movies or a pizza parlor. Recruit another responsible driver if you cannot fit everyone in your car with seatbelts.

Good Eats
For supper, consider chicken nuggets, hamburgers, pizza, foot-long subs, or hot dogs. Augment these with carrot and celery sticks. Stock up on popcorn, chips, pretzels, ice cream, cookies, soda, and juice. You don't need to have all these in your kitchen; one or two selections is plenty!

Make breakfast fun with pancakes, French toast, or waffles. Offer the kids orange juice, bacon or sausages. This is not the time to worry too much about your child's diet.

Say Goodbye
If the party has been a birthday celebration, give each guest a goodie bag before they leave.

Plan to spend a quiet day after the party. Your child should help you clean up and put the party room back in order, but after that, relax. Both of you will welcome a nap later in the afternoon!