Barnyard Pipe Cleaner Puppets

Soft and fun, these animated puppets will provide hours of entertainment. Get your tickets early!

By Familytime

 Have you ever thought about a puppet show? Half the fun is making the puppets. Here, the barnyard animals in this puppet play are a pig, a cow and a chicken - but you and your kids could easily make a duck or lamb, instead.

We used pink and white felt for the pig, white and black felt for the cow, and yellow felt for the chicken. Other than felt, you will need pink, black, yellow, and orange pipe cleaners and some jiggly eyes from the craft store.

Get Started
To get started on the puppets, you will need a clean work surface covered with craft paper or a plastic tablecloth.

Use either a hot glue gun or craft glue to make the puppets, as well as small black and white pompoms and white jiggly eyes. The only other equipment is a good pair of scissors.

If you use a glue gun, be sure that a responsible adult supervises. The glue in glue guns gets extremely hot.

Use Our Templates
To help, we have designed templates for the cow, pig, and chicken.

Use white felt for the cow's head and black felt for her nose, ears, and cow spots. For the pig's head, you will need pink felt, and white felt for his nose. Use yellow felt for the chicken.

Once you have cut out the felt, the next step is to create the faces.

Piggley Wiggley
To make the pig's face, use the glue gun or craft glue to attach two small black pompoms for eyes. Next, glue a white nose beneath the eyes and then attach two small black pompoms for the nostrils. Glue ears to the top of the pig's head.

Twist a pink pipe cleaner into a long curly-q and glue it to back of the pig's heads. This may not be the absolute correct place for the tail, but for a puppet, it works fine. It does double duty as a handle to hold the pig.

Moo Cow
The cow's face is fun to make. Glue on two small black pompoms for eyes, one for a nose, and then affix three cow spots on the white felt. Finally, glue on the cow's ears. Use small white pompoms for the cow's nostrils.

Attach a straight black pipe cleaner to the back of the head. Be sure to attach the pipe cleaner so that it's even with the top of the cow's head. Let to run from the bottom of the head for a handle.

Chicken Not So Little!
The chicken is simple to make. Glue jiggly eyes to the top of her head above the beak. Cut a small piece of orange pipe cleaner, long enough to outline the beak, and glue it on. Use another orange pipe cleaner to make the chicken's legs and glue them on from the backside.

A yellow pipe cleaner bent in half makes the perfect chicken wing. Glue both ends to the body of the chicken.

Glue a straight yellow pipe cleaner on the back of the chicken for a handle; attach it to the top of the chicken's head down the length of her body for support.

Let the barnyard show begin. The kids supply the voices: oinks, moos, and squawks!