Passover Menu

Regardless of whether you celebrate Passover, you may want to try this traditional Passover meal.

By Michelle Tichauer Fanwick


The Seder, a traditional Jewish meal, gathers family and even strangers to celebrate Passover - a holiday when Moses is said to have lead the people of Israel out of Egypt to the Promised Land. The meal is filled with long-standing traditions, among them a Seder Plate. Traditionally, this plate includes the Charoset which is made by chopping the ingredients and letting them marinate in the refrigerator overnight.

In our Seder meal, we've also included gefilte fish on a bed of lettuce with fresh grated horseradish and chicken soup with matzah balls cooked into the soup. All these can be bought from the store. Matzah is the flat unleavened bread that looks like a large cracker and is eaten throughout the holiday to commemorate the Hebrews' flight from Egypt - they had no time to let their bread rise.

Among its main dishes, this Seder menu features a brisket, asparagus, potato kugel, Tzimmes, and fruit compote for dessert.

Cooking times tend to be long for these dishes, but the result is fantastic. Bear in mind that kosher wine does contain alcohol, though Manischewitz Concord Grape Wine - a widely known brand - is so sweet that you might not detect it.