The Study Buggy

Homework time? Let your child work where he's most comfortable with this portable study wagon.

 Create a mobile homework or activity station that your child can push and pull anywhere in the house. Kids love to be where the action is when working on a craft and they like to be close to an encouraging parent during homework time.

To make this happen, store supplies such as pencils, paper, crayons, and erasers in this go-anywhere buggy. Planning and decorating the buggy and its contents makes this a fun, family project.

Getting Started
To get started, you will need the following items:

  • A small plastic wagon (available at toy stores);
  • One empty 67-ounce Nestle Nesquik canister;
  • One empty 30-ounce Nestle Nesquik canister;
  • Two empty 15-ounce Nestle Nesquik canisters;
  • several empty Libby's Juicy Juice boxes;
  • colored sheets of construction paper;
  • small multi-colored pom-poms;
  • craft foam letters;
  • craft glue; double-stick packing tape; safety scissors; and decorative stickers.
The supply wagon will need the following supplies for a good study kit:
  • sheets of colored construction paper;
  • one box of pencils;
  • one box of colored markers or crayons; and a glue stick.
Make Your Study Buggy
Use the empty canisters and juice boxes to organize the study buggy supplies. Set the canisters, sheets of construction paper, pom-poms, stickers, craft foam letters, glue, and scissors on a work surface. Decorate the canisters and boxes.

Don't stop at decorating your canisters. Make the study buggy wagon shine, too! When you have finished decorating the wagon, arrange the canisters and boxes so that they fit snuggly into the wagon.

To keep order in your fabulous new study buggy, apply a strip of double-sided tape to the bottom of each canister and box and set them in their spot in the buggy. This keeps the containers in place while the buggy motors around the house.

Lay out all of the study supplies you have chosen. Decide together which container is best for each supply. It might be a good idea to label each section. This teaches children a lot about the art of being organized.

For Older Kids
While the study buggy is a great tool for youngsters, older kids can plan something similar in their own rooms or wherever their designated study area is. Allow your student to decorate a corner of his or her room, desk, or kitchen area to provide a creative and organized area to study and learn.

Have fun with homework!