Graduation Barbecue Menu

Throw a simple but festive outdoor party for the graduate.

By FamilyTime


Plan a casual get-together with family and close friends to celebrate graduation day. An early evening party in the backyard will please the graduate--and leave time for him or her to attend larger parties elsewhere. We suggest food that is easy to prepare yet special enough to celebrate this extraordinary milestone in your child's life.

Our menu is designed for eight, but you could easily expand these recipes so that they serve 12 or more. We begin with a fiery salsa, which you should serve with plenty of tortilla chips. Wash them down with a festive non-alcoholic fruit punch.

While your guests enjoy the salsa and punch, grill the chicken breasts--or, to make party-giving easier, grill them earlier in the day, refrigerate them and serve them at room temperature. Both our side salads are great early-summer dishes and both can be made well ahead of time. Keep them refrigerated until about 30 minutes before serving and then let them come to cool room temperature for the best flavor.

End the meal with a big, juicy watermelon and your graduate's favorite cookies. You could, if you prefer, bake a cake, but most grad's are satisfied with summertime's most popular melon.