Family Road-Trip Menu

When you're on the road with the kids, plenty of healthful snacks make the trip easier.

By Irena Chalmers


A long car trip is a challenge for the most seasoned parents. Singalongs and car games occupy only so much time, and so between naps, bathroom stops, and the inevitable backseat squabbles, try to produce other forms of entertainment for the children.

One of the best ways to lighten the journey is to supply a steady stream of snacks.

For your next trip, take along a variety of healthful snacks, rather than endless bags of chips and boxes of cookies. Pack tiny carrot sticks, cucumber spears and celery stalks in individual plastic bags, along with small, lidded containers of mild, creamy dips (don't forget napkins!).

Cheese sandwiches provide a filling but not heavy meal and nearly every child likes them. Accompany these with cherry tomatoes or olives for the grown ups and small bags of chips for the children.

Brownies are a good choice for dessert because there is nothing to drip or spill.

Zesty Summer Fruit Cubes, frozen until you leave home, are great added to plastic bottles of fruit juice or bottled water--refreshing without being cloying.

If there is still a need, pack mini-boxes of raisins, dried fruits, and nuts (particularly hazelnuts and walnuts). Stay away from sodas or too much food at a time because it will not sit well in traveling tummies.