Fall Is Here! Are You Ready?

Now is the time to make the house snug and the yard tidy.

By FamilyTime


It's still pretty warm outside but winter's on its way. Time to prepare the house and yard for bad weather. We advise you start at the roof and work down to the yard. Look for anything that needs attention and get on it! 

Don't wait to fix problems. Do so while the weather is still mild.

Roof and Gutters
Because falling leaves and loose branches can cause backups during winter storms, check the roof (corners and joinings especially), gutters, down spouts, and chimney to make sure they are clean, clear, and in working order.

Windows and Doors
Improperly cared-for windows can be major causes of heat loss. Make sure they are sealed, have no cracks, and close tightly. If you have storm windows, install them now.

Pay special attention to sealing and weather stripping around skylights.

Install storm doors. Take down screen doors.

During the cold months, you want to welcome as much sunshine into the house as you can. Assign someone the job of washing the windows.

If the windows are in terrible shape, consider replacing them. Start with the worse ones. You will notice a difference right away!

Rake the leaves and pick up debris. Use the leaves for mulch or dump them on the compost pile. This effort will pay off come spring.

Some towns collect the leaves and turn them mulch available to residents come spring. Call the municipal offices or go on their websites to discover your town's policies.

Clean and then store all outdoor furniture. Make sure cushions and umbrellas are dry when you store them in a cool, dry place. Remove and store awnings.

Clean, cover, and store the grill. Turn off the propane valve for the gas grill tank. Store it away from the house, in a shed or detached garage.

Drain or cover the pool, if you have one. Check the motor and filtering equipment and replace any parts.

Prune the shrubbery that blooms in the spring. Plant bulbs. Cover any trees, shrubs, or bushes that need it with burlap or another recommended material. Tie securely.

Cut back dead stalks and mulch the garden beds. Put away terra cotta pots and other containers.

Clean and store gardening tools. Put grass seed, fertilizer, and other organic material in sturdy plastic containers to keep them dry.

Drain the garden hoses, coil, and store them in the garage, tool shed, or basement. Shut off the outside faucets and spigots.

Ready for Snow
Make sure you have sand, salt, or chemical ice melting material. Buy a new snow shovel, if necessary.

Service the snow blower, if you have one.

Stock up on firewood -- you will need a cozy fire after you remove all that snow!