Football Season Feasts

Whether you plan to watch the game at the stadium or in your living room, food is sure to be a star player.

By FamilyTime


Sunday afternoons morph into major occasions for eating impressive quantities of food while we watch the game with friends and family -- and this is never as true as when a big game is on the schedule.

It's fun to cheer for the team, yell at the refs, and second-guess the high-paid coaches. Yet, to score a touchdown every time, these rambunctious gatherings call for planning and execution as careful as any quarterback's.

Tailgating and Other Stadium Rituals
A trip to the game may involve a tailgate picnic, which ideally is eaten in the bright sunshine amid much pre-game excitement. Plan to serve your picnic at least 90 minutes before the game starts.

If the tailgate picnic is for brunch, pack cream cheese, jams and an assortment of bagels.

Muffins and quick breads are filling and tasty, too. Bring along thermoses of steaming coffee and hot cider.

If you are serving lunch, pack filling sandwiches, baked goods, and drinks, but also take along fruit and raw vegetables such as carrots and red pepper strips.

You will need bottles of water and fruit juice to offset the consumption beer and soda.

Make sandwiches on whole wheat bread or stuff pita pockets with tempting mixtures of meat and veggies. Roll soft wheat tortillas around chicken, tuna or shrimp salad.Don't be stingy; these should be man-sized sandwiches!

Fill out sliced turkey, roast beef, and ham sandwiches with cheeses, lettuce tomatoes, onions, peppers and other healthful items.

Bring along hot-food containers of chili or robust vegetable soup.

Don't forget extra fruit and sandwiches to take into the stadium to keep trips to the concession stands to a minimum. These are satisfying alternatives to hot dogs, chips, fries, beer and other fattening snacks.

At-Home Football Parties
Choose simple food for home games. Main courses such as jambalaya, chili, stew, and soup can be made ahead of time. This way, you can enjoy the game.

Ready-to-heat-and-eat chicken wings and other tasty items are always welcome. Go to for some great ideas.

Start the party with simple corn chips and salsa or raw vegetables and dip. Offer soft drinks, juices, cider, and sparkling water as well as beer.

End the meal with over-sized homemade brownies and cookies. Make a big pot of coffee.

Set the food out buffet-style so that fans can serve themselves when there is a lull in the action.

Go team!